Reports Report 9236l (Event 9236-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 9236-2022
NameKate H
Experience Level1/5
RemarksI was out with the dog in Kilham Lane just by the triangular green opposite Wyatt Court car park when I happened to glance towards the Ford which runs across Kilham Lane. A horizontally moving light with a tail moving SW to NE appeared in my eyeline. I first thought it was a very low plane, then a shooting star. Quickly realising it couldn't be either, I ran down towards the ford and looked across the gardens of the properties in the direction of the manor but it had already gone out of sight. My line of vision was minimal due to the boundary trees at Shipton Oliffe Manor. As I walked away I heard what sounded like a short sharp clap of thunder. Having come inside confused by what I'd seen, I messaged an astrology friend at 5.40 (so I estimate this was 10 mins after the sighting) explaining what I'd seen as he's in a nearby village, but he didn't see anything. I then reached out to our village on social media to see if anyone else had seen/heard what I had seen but no-one in our village group did. One says they were in Stow on the wold, a town some 14 miles away at a similar time where there was a bright lightening flash and a few seconds of electricity outage. I've looked online for any local sightings similar to mine but can't see anything but I know I saw something which very much resembled a meteor fireball (having been googling images today) I don't think it was a lightening fireball from images that I've seen and it can't have been a shooting star as it was too low and horizontal. It's been playing on my mind every since !!
AddressShipton Oliffe, England (GB)
Latitude51° 51' 50.99'' N (51.86°)
Longitude 1° 56' 57.8'' W (-1.95°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2022-11-23 17:30 GMT
UT Date & Time2022-11-23 17:30 UT
Moving directionFrom right to left
Descent Angle270°
Facing azimuth150°
First azimuth60°
First elevation10°
Last azimuth60°
Last elevation10°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-
ColorColour of the stars, maybe an orangey glow. I'm struggling to recall. I'm also struggling to accurately define its brightness but it was bright and moving at speed
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
RemarksAfter I first saw it and whilst trying to process what I was looking at, I ran towards the ford to see where it had gone and couldn't see it at all but I then heard what sounded like a clap of thunder.
Persistent train
Terminal flash